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Welcome to L2Polaris: a 7X private server. The absence of the Donate Shop brings this server available to everyone, special item, are obtainable only with the normal flow of the game or through the vote shop. A mutual support is obtainable simply voting the server, and getting the reward directly from the comunity board. Below are the main features of this server. What are you waiting for? Create your player account and join our comunity! For any doubt or request, please feel free to contact us in game or through the forums!

We are in OPEN BETA 100X until 16/10/31 21:00(UTC+1) ! Join the game to test the server to find any bug or suggest any changes!

Exp: x7
Sp: x7
Adena: x7
Drop: x7
Spoil: x5
Manor: x5
Weight: x3
exp: x5
sp: x5
adena: x7
drop: x3
Safe enchant: 3-4
Max enchant: 16
Normal scroll: 65%
Blessed scroll: 75%
Elemental max lvl: 7
Elemental stone: 50%
Elemental cry: 30%
Subclass no quest
Max sub: 3
Max sub lvl: 82
Auto loot
Offline trade
Auto learn skills
Vitality system
Olympiad 2 week
Max oly enchant:+6
Global GK
NPC scheme buffer
Buff duration: 1h
Buffs: 24 Slots
Dances/songs: 12 Slots
Vote system
Max clients/pc: 3